Exhibition of food stuffs, packaging and food processing equipment InterFood Ural
19 - 21 November 2019 IEC “Yekaterinburg-EXPO”, Yekaterinburg (Russia)

Post-show report Interfood Ural 2017

The number of exhibitors has doubled; the number of visitors has increased by 83%

On April 18-20, the Exhibition of foodstuffs, packaging and food processing equipment InterFood Ural 2017 was held in Yekaterinburg at IEC "Yekaterinburg-Expo".

Parting words addressed to TransUral participants and visitors were told by:

Dmitry Niskovsky, Minister of Investments and Development of Sverdlovsk Region,

Alexander Makarov, Vice President of the Ural Chamber of Commerce and Industry,

Maxim Afanasyev, Chairman of the Committee for Consumer Services of the Administration of Yekaterinburg,

Arkady Elizarov, Vice-President of the Union of Small and Medium Enterprises,

Elena Gondar, Director of the Separate Division MVK in Yekaterinburg.

After the official opening ceremony, MVK Director Elena Gondar took the delegation around the exhibition. The guests communicated with the participants of InterFood Ural 2017, got acquainted with the presented products and tasted the offered samples.

Participants of the exhibition

This year 62 companies from 17 regions of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, and China took part in the exhibition.

A wide range of meat products and semi-finished products was represented by such producers as "Sava Meat Processing Plant", "Chebarkul Bird", "Chelny Broiler", "Christy", "Kalinkovichskiy Meat Processing Plant" (Republic of Belarus), "Omsk Bacon", Trade Mark "Vkusaedoff", "Kamsky Bacon", "Permskaya Poultry Farm", Trade Mark "From Palych".


Dairy products were presented by the following companies: "Ecomilk", the Factory for Cheese Packaging "Pir Pak", OAO "Milk", "Lubava", "MolPromStroy".

Producers from Ulyanovsk region on their collective stand presented confectionery products from Trade Mark "Veles", "Eva", ice cream from the Ulyanovsk ice cream factory, chilled rabbit meat and pasta products from the farm K. F. Rotar

Grocery and confectionery products were presented by the companies "Ama-Confi", "Aleshin Plant", "De Krendel E", "Zdravodar" - the official distributor of the company "Old Traditions", "Impra Russ", TM "From Palych", Peasant Farm "Pavlovskiy AE" (Kazakhstan).


One might have a look at the products for a healthy diet at the stands of the companies "Siberian fiber", "Favorite", "Forest miracle", "Divo Altaya", "Azimut" (Kazakhstan), Vivid Oil, ABC Group (China).


Among the beverage distributors there were National Water Company "Niagara", "Filits", "Rustika Expo" (Armenia), "Volzhanka", "Crimea Product".

Canned food, sauces, ready-made snacks were presented by Individual Entrepreneur Ovchinnikova N.V. (Kazakhstan), Group of companies "Lakonia" (Slavic Canning Plant), Trade Mark "Ilya Muromets", Trade Mark "Tashlinka&Ostrovsky", LLP "Tsin-Kaz" (Kazakhstan).

Specialists of the food industry succeeded in negotiating with suppliers of packaging, labels, equipment and ingredients such as "Mogilevkhimvolokno" (Republic of Belarus), "PROTEK", "Rosholod", "POLAIR", "OKIL-SATO Ural", "Rost-Perm", "Bolotninskaya corrugated container", "Bonita Trade", the printing house "Chameleon" and "AT-Grupp ", "NOMAS", "Favorite", "SEMZ", "Eurocars", " Komus + ".

Guests of the exhibition

For 3 days of work, the exhibition was visited by 2,588 specialists, showing a rise (83%) as compared to the previous year. The proportion of professionals who visited the exhibition for the first time was 81%, 19% - attended the exhibition in 2016.

Geography of visitors

The exhibition was of interest to professionals not only from Russia, but also from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Italy, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, China, Egypt, Tajikistan, and the Republic of Belarus.

The exhibition was attended by specialists from 30 Russian regions: the Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Moscow, Tyumen regions, the Perm Region, the Republic of Bashkortostan, the Kurgan Region, the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District, the Novosibirsk Region, the Altai Territory, the Republic of Tatarstan, St. Petersburg, the Udmurt Republic, Omsk Region, Orenburg Region, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the Stavropol Territory, Tomsk, Novgorod, Kirov Regions, Primorsky Territory, Amur, Nizhny Novgorod, Kemerovo, Kaluga, Kursk, Samara Regions, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Republic of Buryatia.

Breakdown of visitors by their purpose of attendance

  • 35% of visitors attended the exhibition with the aim of searching goods and services for business;
  • 26% of visitors had a personal interest and goals (to see new products and services, get new ideas, get advice / communicate with specialists);
  • 21% of visitors wanted to obtain general industry information;
  • 9% of visitors promoted their own goods and services;
  • 9% of visitors came to the exhibition for educational purposes;


(1. Searching goods and services for business; 2. Gathering general industry information; 3. Promotion of products and services; 4. Educational purposes; 5. Personal interest)

Profile of Trade Visitors

Breakdown of InterFood Ural 2017 guests by job position held

The share of corporate CEOs (including individual entrepreneurs) among visitors was 35% (34% in 2016).


(1. Chief Executive/Owner; 2. Deputy Head of the Company; 3. Head of Department/Team Leader; 4. Manager/Specialist; 5. Individual Entrepreneur)

The main goals of visiting the exhibition by the heads of companies / owners and deputy heads of companies were searching for goods and services for business and gathering general industry information.

Priorities among the purposes of the visit by managers / specialists were as follows: first of all, experts promoted their goods and services and received general industry information; the next most important goal was to search for goods or services for business.

Types of company business represented by visitors

By type of activity, visitors were represented by the following areas:

  • wholesale trading- 19%;
  • food production - 15%;
  • retail trading - 13%;
  • production / supply of packaging materials - 11%;
  • public catering - 10%;
  • production / supply of food processing equipment - 9%;
  • mass media - 3%;
  • other - 20%.

Among the firms engaged in wholesale trade, the exhibition was visited by such companies as: OOO  "Domus-Tevadi"; Trading Company "Devon"; "Smiley"; Group of Companies "Northern Alliance"; "Soyuz-Eurasiya"; OOO "BMiCo"; Trading Company "Iceberg"; Trading Company "Udmurtpotrebsoyuz"; "Khladtorg. Distribution of deep frozen products"; Trading Company "Gourmet"; OOO "Trading Company Victoria" / OOO "InMark-M"; Trading Company "MEGATREYD"; OOO "Konditer"; ZAO "Rus"; Trading Company "Omega"; OOO "Raduga"; ZAO "Vremya and K" and others.

Retail trade was represented by companies from Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen regions, the Perm Region, the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District, the republics of Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, Udmurtia.

The exhibition was visited by the heads of purchasing departments and category managers of such retail trade networks as: METRO Cash & Carry; "Auchan"; "Megamart"; "Magnit"; "Verny"; "Lenta"; "Karusel"; "Monetka"; "Prospekt"; "Elisey"; "Kirovsky"; "Svetofor"; "Zvezdny"; Alko-Plus; "Larets"; Sverdlovsk Regional Consumer Union; "Rada"; "Yagodka"; "PivCo"; "Carrot"; "7 Fridays"; OOO "Agromarket" and others.

Among the professionals of public catering, the exhibition was visited by the heads and chefs of the companies "Burger King", "Restoraciya", restaurant group RGT, "Emburger", OOO "Eteria", OOO "Razdolye", Resta Management, public catering network "Ashkhana" and others.

Manufacturers of food products were represented by such enterprises as: "Irbitsky Dairy Plant"; "Ravis-Sosnovskaya Poultry Farm"; "Karamyshev Sausage Factory"; "Mikhailovskoye milk"; Russian meat processing corporation "Romcor"; "Tercet" (sausage factory); Slobodo-Turin Dairy Plant "Nadezhda"; Trading Company "Tsaritsyno"; "Gifts of nature. Made in Yakutia "; "Ural Sources"; "Aidigo"; "Maslodel"; OAO "Efko"; Confectionery association "Dalmatovo", OOO "Alapaevsky Dairy Plant" and others.

Among the manufacturers and suppliers of packaging materials visiting InterFood Ural 2017 there were representatives of such companies as the Group of Companies PCBK; Group of Companies "NovoPlast"; Leopak; OOO "Reliable supplier" Chelny Karton"," U2B. Packaging for business ", Krasnokamsk Paper Mill, branch of JSC" Goznak ", Production Company "PlastOpt","Agropack", OOO "Beauty Pack"  and others.

Manufacturers and suppliers of food processing equipment at InterFood Ural 2017 were represented by such enterprises as: OOO "HolodProf.it."; Official dealer Costan; "Taurasfenix"; "House of beer equipment"; Diosna-MIVE; "Magnat"; OOO  "VKP Signal-PAK"; OOO "AS-UNIX"; "Franco"; "ChemPartners" and others.

The main purpose of visiting the exhibition by representatives of wholesale and retail trading and catering was searching for goods and services for business.

Manufacturers of food stuff visited the exhibition in order to obtain general industry information and search for products / services for business.

Producers / suppliers of packaging materials and food processing equipment visited the exhibition in order to promote their own products / services.

Visitor Area of Interest at InterFood Ural 2017


* respondents were allowed to tick more than one answer.

(1. Food stuff; 2. Packaging equipment and materials; 3. Beverages; 4. Food processing equipment; 5. Food ingredients; 6. Equipment for restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels; 7. Storage equipment; 8. Other)

Representatives of retail trade (86%), wholesale trade (83%), public catering (82%), food producers (57%), manufacturers / suppliers of packaging materials (48%) were mostly interested in food stuffs.

Packaging equipment and materials caught the interest of manufacturers / suppliers of packaging materials (75%), food producers (56%), professionals in the field of public catering (56%), suppliers of equipment for food production (36%).

Experts in the retail trade and public catering came to the exhibition for beverages.

Equipment for food production attracted the attention of representatives of public catering, suppliers of food processing equipment, food producers.

Food ingredients were of interest to public catering professionals (61%), food producers (41%).

The greatest interest in storage equipment was shown by manufacturers / suppliers of equipment for food production (26%).

Business programme of the exhibition InterFood Ural 2017

This year business programme events held during 3 days of the exhibition were aimed at managers and specialists of retail trade, wholesale trade, food producers, beverage producers, manufacturers and suppliers of packaging materials and food processing equipment.

You can see the BUSINESS PROGRAM here >>>

On the first day of the exhibition, food producers and independent experts discussed the use of preservatives and dyes in food products during the round table.

The owners and managers of the companies got acquainted with the innovations of the Federal Law № 54 - FZ "On the application of cash registers for cash transactions and (or) payments using electronic payment instrument."

During the second and third days of the exhibition, the specialists of branding agencies in association with their colleagues of the client side shared the experience and recommendations on packaging development. In addition, at the seminars one might learn the strategies for promoting food retail, and technologies to increase sales.


Exhibitor Feedback

The majority of participants noted that the exhibition was successful, the necessary contacts were obtained, strategically important negotiations were held with wholesale companies, networks, etc.

A number of companies such as "Rustika Expo", "Impra Russ", "Aleshin Plant", JSC "Omsk Bacon " and others signed supply contracts during the exhibition.


 JSC "Omsk bacon"

Ovchinnikova Alla Alexandrovna,

Network Sales Department:

"The exhibition is organized at the highest level. Our company has found a number of interesting contracts for working with network entities. It proved to be very profitable and effective work."

 JSC "Permskaya" Poultry Farm

Ovsyannikova Anna Valeryevna,

Trade Marketing Manager:

"We took part in this exhibition for the first time. And our expectations were satisfied. One of the top priorities of the participation was negotiating with representatives of key networks. And all of them were successfully carried out. I especially want to mention the organization of the event, where the participants of the exhibition were provided the background for comfortable negotiations."


OOO "ATGroup"

Gumbatov Yury Azhdarovich,

Head of Sales Department:

"We liked everything! We managed to meet new potential customers and show ourselves."

OOO "Bonita Trade"

Esaulkov Sergey Yurievich,

General Director:

"The reviews are the best:

- excellent organization

- a good visitor profile

- goals and objectives are fulfilled. "


Individual Entrepreneur  Tishin D.V.

Ivanova Victoria Sergeevna,


"On the whole, we liked the exhibition. Now we are processing the collected contacts. We hope for effective cooperation with Yekaterinburg. "

OOO "Lubava"

Pavlova Lyubov Anatolievna,

Deputy Director for Development:

"In general, we remained satisfied with the exhibition. We managed to achieve the goals. We would like to express gratitude to the organizers of the exhibition for the active attracting trade networks of the region. It should be also mentioned a very high-quality and professional work of the exhibition staff, all organizational issues were promptly solved. "


OOO "Rustika Expo"

Asatryan Kazaros Grachayevich,

Representative of the General Director:

"We are very pleased with the exhibition and the work of the organizational staff. We started negotiations with a number of companies and trade networks of the Ural region, including the Group of Companies "Lenta" and trade networks "Megamarket" and "Monetka"."