Feedback from exhibitors

Mishka v malinnike
"The set-up of the exhibition was at the highest level!
Organizers provided the excellent place in the zone of the Center of Negotiations with retail chains and distributors for the presentation of "Mishka v malinnike". Thanks to the exhibition, we have acquired many contacts of new partners. We are ready to take part again at the exhibition!"

Shilnikov Igor Aleksandrovich, Head of Sales
Agrokombinat "Zvezda""
"Big thanks to the organizers of the exhibition! Warm attitude, humanity, cordiality and hospitality – these feelings we experienced throughout the exhibition! Separately, we want to note the innovation – QR-codes. This is a working and useful tool. Keep up the good work. You are the best! We have something to compare with. I haven’t found disadvantages (if I wanted to). Thank you! "

Rykova Evgenia Vasilyevna, Assistant manager
Korol Orekh
"Thank you for inviting us to exhibit at InterFood Ural. We really liked the format of the event, the business program, the set-up and professionalism. Special thanks for the opportunity to hold a presentation and negotiations with representatives of retail chains."

Yan Khrushkov, Director
Eurotrade Products
"The set-up of the exhibition was at the high level. I would especially like to note the help of the organizers in negotiating with potential customers."

Ramil Kutlugildin, Head of Regional Department
Prodo Ptitcefabrica Permskaya
"Our expectations from participating in the InterFood Ural exhibition were pleasantly met. One of the priority tasks of the participation was to hold negotiations with representatives of key retail chains. All of them were successfully completed. I would especially like to note the event’s set-up where all conditions for comfortable negotiations were created for the exhibition participants."

Anna Ovsyannikova, Sales Marketing Manager
Omskiy bekon
"The InterFood Ural exhibition organized at the highest level. Our company has found a number of interesting contracts to work with retail chains. Very productive work."

Head of retail and wholesales
"In general, we were satisfied with the exhibition. We managed to solve the tasks that we set ourselves. We thank the organizers of the exhibition for actively involving the region’s retail chains. We were very pleased. There also was high-quality and professional work of all the exhibition staff, all organizational issues were quickly solved."

Pavlova L.A., Deputy Director for Development
"We have took part in the exhibition for the first time. We believe that the event was useful in terms of obtaining information and new orders. We thank the organizers."

Olga Dobrovolskikh, Sales specialist
"Thank you very much for well-organized exhibition, the number of visitors. MVK employees, thank you very much for your attention and set-up of the exhibition. We will be glad to continue to participate in such events with your team."

Anatoly Shcherbinin, Director
Impra Russ
"Participation in the InterFood Ural exhibition brought us additional contacts, meetings with representatives of retail and wholesale trading companies, expanding the target audience, attractiveness and brand recognition of the brands "Impra" and "Hevenly."

Igor Vetrenko, Regional representative for the Ural Federal District
Topas (Tashlinka&Ostroffsky)
"1. Excellent set-up of the InterFood Ural exhibition in general!! The organizers were very friendly. Everything was convenient, on time and thought out. High level!
2. Our purpose of arriving at the exhibition was fully justified. We met many potential customers (retail trading companies + distributors and wholesalers). Over 20 profiles completed.

Thank you so much, you are great, really functional exhibition in Yekaterinburg."

Alexey Radushinsky, Development Director

Vlasov Klyuch
"+ Good set-up and informational support before the exhibition and during the exhibition.
+ The set-up of negotiations with retail.
- I would like to see more professionals among visitors. "

Yaroslav Taran, Commercial Director

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