Exhibition of food stuffs and beverages InterFood Ural
24 - 26 November 2020 IEC “Yekaterinburg-EXPO”, Yekaterinburg (Russia)

"Chameleon" company will present a rolled self-adhesive labels at Interfood Ural 2019 exhibition

The "Chameleon" company works since 2004 and specializes in production of printing products.
At the exhibition Interfood Ural 2019, the company will present options for rolled self-adhesive labels, suitable for different types of products:
  • Semi-gloss paper labels. This type of label is recommended for using indoor only, it does not stand the moisture, direct sunlight and significant temperature changes. It is suitable for marking goods that will be in favorable conditions in the future.
  • ECO thermal label is made out of paper that does not have a protective coating, is used in stores before the sale of goods, or is used for products with a limited period of using;
  • Thermal label TOP is recommended for marking non-food and food products, including frozen or frozen products, products containing fats, goods in contact with moisture or stored at high humidity;
  • Thermal transfer self-adhesive labels are used for marking long-term storage products, for marking products with bar code at various stages of production. This label stand the high or low temperature, as well as mechanical abrasion. Term of life of thermal transfer label more than a year;
  • Labels in a roll on polypropylene film. Self-adhesive polypropylene materials can have a very small thickness. And when pasting on the packaging due to the high strength and low thickness of the synthetic label will be almost invisible. Thus, it is possible to achieve the illusion that the image or text is printed directly on the surface of the package;
  • Plastic labels in a roll are used for various purposes: for clothing, electrical wires, packaging and goods, plant labeling. Plastic labels are needed to ensure the preservation of the image for a long time or if the conditions for the use of finished labels do not correspond to room conditions.

You can get acquainted with the products and discuss the terms of delivery at the stand of the company. To visit the exhibition you need to get a ticket. You can register here>>